CityOfLosAngeles.Build provides the latest information for building permits and open bids in the city of Los Angeles in an easy-to-use map format.  This information comes directly from the city of Los Angeles building department database.

You can search for building permits and bids for Residential (single or dual family dwellings), Apartment (multi-family dwellings), or Commercial projects.

Narrow down your search by permit type and status

Examples of permit type include:

  • Building Addition
  • Building Alter/Repair
  • Building Demo
  • Building New
  • Electrical, Elevator
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Grading
  • Non-Building Alter/Repair
  • Non-Building New
  • Plumbing and Sign

Examples of permit status include

  • Permit Issued
  • Permit Closed
  • Permit Expired
  • Permit Finaled
  • CofO in progress
  • CofO issued
  • Intent to revoke
  • Refund in Progress
  • Refund Completed

You can also add a text search term, such as the name of the contractor if you want to search for projects by a specific builder for example.

We sincerely hope that you find this site is the best way to search for a permit in the city of Los Angeles. Please give us your feedback so we can continue to improve your experience.


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